Things that are illegal to do with a 3-month car rental in Dubai

When people go for a 3-month car rental in Dubai, they forget about the rental contract. Anyone with an immature mindset can fall into the feeling of owning a vehicle. Though you do not have to answer for how many miles you have driven, how you keep the vehicle matters a lot. 

While having the car in your use, certain actions will be considered illegal if you perform any of them. As a result of these actions, you will have to pay a higher penalty than you do not want to have. 

Making alterations

Making different alterations to cars is common in Dubai. Many people put on lights to their fleet and add more modifications like sound systems, modified hoods, tops, and much more. It is all possible and legal when you own the vehicle. However, with a rental car, you are prohibited from even thinking about it. If the rental company has made any alternations, it is a separate case, but you cannot do it as a consumer.  

Changing its parts

Other than alterations, many people like to modify their vehicles to increase engine performance. They can modify the interior, exterior, and engine by changing parts. With the rental cars, even this is an illegal activity. If by any chance you get caught doing this with a rental car, you will have to face the crucial consequences.

Driving locally for commercial purposes

Many people who want some extra cash in Dubai prefer to drive their way on a taxi app. It lets them cover the fuel they are consuming in their daily commute. You are wrong if you think you can do it with a rental vehicle. The rental car cannot be used for commercial purposes locally. The travel companies hire them by claiming the use in the agreement; however, if you have taken the car for personal use and made its commercial use, you are in big trouble.

Taking it outside the restricted tracker area

Every single car is tracker restricted and comes with a limited movement area. You will get caught on the spot if you try to get the car out of that area without informing the rental company.

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